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For over 30 years Michael has always been an entrepreneur. His values, experience, being in the moment and natural cognitive intelligence provides a value of influence that could impact any leader.

Bert Miller

Chief Executive Officer

MRI Network

Mike is a consummate professional. He possesses a leadership style that is laidback though accomplished, easy-going yet organized, thorough, and highly dependable.  He desires the best for others and operates with integrity and a commitment to your goals at all times.

Dr. Tim Gardner

Founder and Director

Relational Intelligence, LLC

About You:  You believe you are in charge of your career path or business.  You seek greatness and understand that part of that journey is timely coaching and guidance. You crave feedback and accountability and can’t always find it in your organization. You’re probably an entrepreneur or business owner who aspires to more responsibility and challenges, but you realize that you can’t get to it all.  Your vision or goals are being stifled by the demands of the very business you created.  And yet, because you are very self-aware and confident, you enjoy being out a bit over the tips. You understand leadership and excellence are earned through hard work and perseverance but only if they produce trust and a strong relational EQ. You welcome an objective opinion and look forward to bouncing new ideas and next steps off a trusted advisor to help you make great decisions. You actually value and seek out a trusted associates (Wingmen) to be by your side.

About Me: For the past 40 years, my strength and passion have revolved around coaching, managing and mentoring professionals. Across multiple organizations and positions, with teams or individuals, what has always motivated me is the opportunity to be a positive influence in someone’s life and to help them achieve their definition of success. I believe coaching is essential and it should be managed proactively.  My great joy is coming alongside business owners or professionals of all levels who are seeking insight and guidance to help them make the next best decision in their life, personally or professionally.

As helping others is a core principle for us, Wingman will give back 50% of any profits to charities locally and around the world.  May we be able to richly bless others in need.


Direct Sales and Sales Management Experience: Total of 38 years.

11 years in direct sales with consumer, financial and healthcare products

16 years of direct Sales Management over teams ranging from 5 to 50+, with multiple organizations

7 years as a National or Key Account Director
4 years in Marketing and Contracting (Financial Analysis)
Training courses & continuing education
The Complex Sale, Situational Leadership I and II, Collaborative Negotiations, Professional Presentation Skills, Performance Coaching, 360 Feedback Training, Leadership Development

Sales Leadership                                         ROI/Portfolio Analysis
Strategic Planning                                      Coaching/Mentoring
Process Improvement                             Sales Training
Workflow Mapping                                   Key Account and Relationship Management
Culture/Change Management           Negotiation/Contracting
Data Analytics




You probably have questions.  So do we.  Let's connect and see if the timing is right to consider a business coach.