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Personal Testimonies

For over 30 years Michael has always been an entrepreneur. His values, experience, being in the moment and natural cognitive intelligence provides a value of influence that could impact any leader.

Bert Miller

Chief Executive Officer

MRI Network

Mike is a consummate professional. He possesses a leadership style that is laidback though accomplished, easy-going yet organized, thorough, and highly dependable.  He desires the best for others and operates with integrity and a commitment to your goals at all times.

Dr. Tim Gardner

Founder and Director

Relational Intelligence, LLC

As the son of an Air Force colonel, I was lucky to travel extensively growing up.  After 9 schools in 18 years, including 4 years in Europe during high school, I had two options: retreat inward or figure out how to connect with the world. I chose the latter.  I learned to anticipate the needs of others, build rapport quickly, and gain trust.  I landed my first sales job after earning my BA from Butler University in Indianapolis, and was hooked.  It was fourteen years, three companies and another move before I had acquired the sales, marketing and contracting experience to take the next step.  Our family took a leap of faith and went west so I could step into my first role as leader of a sales team.  It’s been 24 years and we’ve truly enjoyed the journey.  My wife of 37 years and I raised our 4 children in Gig Harbor, WA, which has become our home.

I have received incredible mentorship and coaching throughout my career and Wingman Associates is born out of a desire to pay that forward.  My vision is to help organizations and leaders unlock their own potential and become the best version of themselves.

As helping others is a core principle for us, Wingman will give back  50% of any profits to charities locally and around the world.  May we be able to richly bless others in need.


Direct Sales and Sales Management Experience: Total of 38 years.

11 years in direct sales with consumer, financial and healthcare products

16 years of direct Sales Management over teams ranging from 5 to 50+, with multiple organizations

7 years as a National or Key Account Director
4 years in Marketing and Contracting (Financial Analysis)
Training courses & continuing education
The Complex Sale, Situational Leadership I and II, Collaborative Negotiations, Professional Presentation Skills, Performance Coaching, 360 Feedback Training, Leadership Development

Sales Leadership
Strategic Planning
Process Improvement
Workflow Mapping
Culture/Change Management
Data Analytics
ROI/Portfolio Analysis
Sales Training
Key Account and Relationship Management



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