The Role of a Coach

Does it seem more challenging lately, whether at the individual or team level, to get to everything and find time to coach?

  • Do you want coaching to be a priority? 
  • What have been the pros and cons of previous programs or coaching sessions?
  • Is seeking experienced counsel who may see things through a different lens a viable alternative? 

As an objective third party, Wingman Associates is committed to helping you and your team perform at consistently high levels.  We want to support your desire for continued self-improvement, even though we understand that each of us is the combination of many divergent components including:

Relationships among Family and Friends 

Spiritual and Emotional Growth

Intellectual and Physical Health

Desire to be Productive and Connected

Income and Wealth Generation

Social, Political or Charitable Affiliations 



With so many areas of potential focus, why choose Coaching? Wingman Associates offers a unique process designed to provide a blueprint to achieve enhanced self-awareness and purpose, revolving around these Core Pillars:

Purpose:  If we don’t ask the right questions we won’t get the right answers. 

Structure: Without a framework on which to build, our work will collapse on itself. 

Discipline: Equals freedom and results in creating and mastering high-performance habits. 

Mindset: Our thoughts shape our reality.  What is your mindset?

Mastery and Peace: Achieving greatness in any area of life and redefining success to attain true meaning and fulfillment.  All the while leading back to your Purpose.

How it works

Our approach is tailored to meet your needs. We want to invest in you until we achieve effective change.

Together, we’ll develop a plan of action that includes:

What:  What outcome do you want?

Who:  Collaborate to understand the optimal audience.  Who are we targeting?

When:  Determine number of individual or group coaching sessions and the format required.

Frequency: How often?  How many sessions overall?  Duration of initial and follow up sessions? 

Follow up and Q&A:  What will the format be for ongoing Q&A and individual or group follow up and feedback?   

What creates high performance, that is sustained over time?  Planning, discipline, effort, focus, and follow through are part of the equation, and while some of these may be God-given, coaching is also a part of the process.   Regardless of the field, even the highest performers rarely achieve greatness on their own.  Let Wingman Associates support and enhance your efforts to keep you and your team operating at optimal levels.

Partnership with Wingman Associates has enabled MCS to unlock incredible potential in our growth as a group counseling practice. Mikes' abilities to analyze and organize our complex business model and develop a strategy for us going into 2021 and beyond, has been incredibly helpful and transformative for our business.

Julie Canterbury


MCS Counseling Group

For over 30 years Michael has always been an entrepreneur. His values, experience, being in the moment and natural cognitive intelligence provides a value of influence that could impact any leader.

Bert Miller

Chief Executive Officer


After 20 years of knowing Mike, it boils down to two things. First – he cares deeply about the development of people professionally and personally. Second – he cares deeply about the process that moves you toward that development.

Jeremy Simler

Operations Director

NW Furniture Bank, Tacoma WA

People do business with people they like and trust. I am convinced that this small saying is a big part of Mike’s success. For 20 years he has been caring, dependable and accountable.

Joe Whitmarsh

Executive Sales Director

Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Dallas TX

Mike has a good sense of humor and never takes himself too seriously. He encourages collaboration and has a way of thinking outside the box, while still bringing out the best in people.

Karen Williams

Account Specialist

Pfizer Inc, Portland OR

Mike is a consummate professional.  He possesses a leadership style that is laidback though accomplished, easy-going yet organized, thorough, and highly dependable.  He desires the best for others and operates with integrity and a commitment to your goals at all times.

Dr. Tim Gardner

Founder and Director

Relational Intelligence, LLC

Mike’s dedication as a mentor to myself and others along with his decades of successful leadership experience have been instrumental to my success and development. He is an exceptional leader with an ability to listen and ask the “right” questions.

Nick Vanderlinda

District Manager

Columbia Distributing

Mike’s demeanor and consultative approach really gets to the core of identifying his client’s business gaps and potential improvements.  His style of implementing business solutions promotes a “call to action” to capture high priority impacts and long-term benefits. 

Paul Jurgensen

Chief Revenue Officer



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