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In this latest episode, Chris Wirthwein, former CEO of 5MetaCom, author and friend to Pete and Alice Dye talks about the challenges of building a successful marketing firm over 4 decades.

Stop Winging It: Ep 6--How do you combine building a Marketing firm, being a relentless Opportunist and life lessons from Pete Dye?

Feb. 16


It’s always about relationships. To know and be known. We all have a story, and we all need some help now and then. May these stories give you hope and remind you that you are not alone.

What is Stop Winging It all about?

We are moved by great stories. In this podcast we interview people from all walks of life to better understand their challenges and successes. We tend to focus on Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to see what we can learn from their journey. Who were their mentors and coaches and why were they important? What did they learn that we can pull from in our own professional or personal walk? This podcast hopefully reminds us that we are not alone and there is undoubtedly someone who has or is facing what you are, and their story may be what you need to hear right now. We invite you to join us biweekly as we seek to strengthen the bonds that bring us together.  And of course, if you are seeking a strategic business coach to help you make the next best decision, we’d love to talk about being your Wingman.

You probably have questions.  So do we.  Let's connect and see if the timing is right to consider a business coach.