Together. Stronger.

Are your top and bottom line constantly under siege?  At Wingman Associates our core competency is to help you identify and focus  on what matters most.

Why partner with us?

Regardless of economic, social, or political factors, you are constantly challenged with…

Increasing revenue 

Acquiring new customers

Retaining and improving revenue per customer

Wingman Associates offers a unique approach to these concerns, collaborating with you to:

Develop scalable ideas and fresh options 

Review organizational efficiency 

Assess current value proposition 

Provide individual or team coaching

Identify solutions to obstacles

Why we are different

Our approach is tailored to meet your needs. We want to invest in you until we achieve effective change—together. We want to be your Wingman. 

Do any of these questions keep you up at night?

Is my idea or product still relevant? 

What may need to change to improve results? 

Who can I go to for honest, transparent feedback? 

Am I winning or losing lately? Why? 

Who can I partner with to help facilitate the changes I need to make? 

Who will be my Wingman?

In a nutshell, this is what Wingman Associates does. After decades of successful sales growth, marketing, benchmarking, financial and contract analysis, and sales management at all levels, Wingman Associates will bring this knowledge and expertise to your team. Our value-added proposition is to coach and mentor, developing strategies and tactics to improve customer retention and new business growth.

How it works

Together, we look at the current operational and financial challenges and compare those to your business plan and objectives. What needs to change? Why? We start high and work our way down into the details together.

Starting High

What is your Why?

It seems simple, but often it is the first thing we lose. We get too busy, too distracted and become externally reactive. What is your why? Why does the company exist? Do all the employees know and understand how their roles align to the organization’s needs?

What has changed?

Employees? Your customer base? Maybe the value of your products or services? Possibly other factors out of your control? You went from Great Idea, to starting a business, to obstacles and detour signs. What are the complicating factors and how do you move through or around them, all while keeping the culture and the “WHY” intact?

How efficient are you?

Where might you be losing time, money or both? How quickly do you adapt? Markets and customers are changing all the time. Are you changing with them?

These are just a few of the many questions and topics we’ll consider as we partner together. I look forward to connecting with you and discussing all of this in more detail to determine what the right course of action may look like, so you can refocus on your original vision and goal.

Partnership with Wingman Associates has enabled MCS to unlock incredible potential in our growth as a group counseling practice. Mikes' abilities to analyze and organize our complex business model and develop a strategy for us going into 2021 and beyond, has been incredibly helpful and transformative for our business.

Julie Canterbury


MCS Counseling Group

For over 30 years Michael has always been an entrepreneur. His values, experience, being in the moment and natural cognitive intelligence provides a value of influence that could impact any leader.

Bert Miller

Chief Executive Officer


After 20 years of knowing Mike, it boils down to two things. First – he cares deeply about the development of people professionally and personally. Second – he cares deeply about the process that moves you toward that development.

Jeremy Simler

Operations Director

NW Furniture Bank, Tacoma WA

People do business with people they like and trust. I am convinced that this small saying is a big part of Mike’s success. For 20 years he has been caring, dependable and accountable.

Joe Whitmarsh

Executive Sales Director

Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Dallas TX

Mike has a good sense of humor and never takes himself too seriously. He encourages collaboration and has a way of thinking outside the box, while still bringing out the best in people.

Karen Williams

Account Specialist

Pfizer Inc, Portland OR

Mike is a consummate professional.  He possesses a leadership style that is laidback though accomplished, easy-going yet organized, thorough, and highly dependable.  He desires the best for others and operates with integrity and a commitment to your goals at all times.

Dr. Tim Gardner

Founder and Director

Relational Intelligence, LLC

Mike’s dedication as a mentor to myself and others along with his decades of successful leadership experience have been instrumental to my success and development. He is an exceptional leader with an ability to listen and ask the “right” questions.

Nick Vanderlinda

District Manager

Columbia Distributing

Mike’s demeanor and consultative approach really gets to the core of identifying his client’s business gaps and potential improvements.  His style of implementing business solutions promotes a “call to action” to capture high priority impacts and long-term benefits. 

Paul Jurgensen

Chief Revenue Officer



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